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Summary of the home detoxification service

Home detoxification is provided for suitable candidates only with the help of our specialist private GPs.

Our GPs are happy to prescribe for a home detox from alcohol.

A common plan is as follows:

The doctor will prescribe a high dose of medication for the first day that you stop drinking alcohol. The medication most commonly prescribed is chlordizepoxide at a starting dose of 10-20mg four times per day.

You then gradually reduce the dose over the next 5-7 days. This usually prevents, or greatly reduces, the unpleasant withdrawal symptoms.

You must agree not to drink any alcohol when you are going through detox. A breathalyser may be used to confirm that you are not drinking.

The doctor will usually see you quite often during the time of detox, usually every other day.

During detox, support from family or friends is paramount. Often the responsibility for getting the prescription and giving the detox medicine is shared with a family member or friend, for example, a partner or parent of the person going through the detox.

Problem drinkers will be recommended an abstinence based programme. This means a life without alcohol.

Home detox will only be offered to each patient ONCE.
This is not negotiable and the fee non-refundable.

Full support will be given to each patient - a multi-disciplinary team comprising the patient themselves, their relatives/friends, our specialist private GPs, the CBT therapists, life coaches trained in alcohol problems who adopt a 12-step approach, AA (alcoholics anonymous) and consultant psychiatrists if indicated.

Failure or early abortion of the programme for any reason will result in a termination of the services offered and any fees paid in advance will be forfeited.

We are committed to helping problem drinkers kick their habit and turn their lives around with professional support across a number of specialist disciplines.

Our approach in this respect is fair but firm. We have years of experience in helping problem drinkers and know that strong willpower and a strong family/friend network are important parameters in a successful intervention.


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